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ideas that i'm looking for [12/13/2003:01 pm]
1) biker gang rivals: my guy would be one of the guys son's in one of the gangs, having a romantic "thing" with one of yours from the other gang. its against the rules, but my guys a rebel and doesn't ever listen to anyone

2) your guy is a musician mine is a roadie/merch guy/his ex boyfriend. a lot of the bands songs your guys lyrics are about him, they still hook up from time to time, but the band has groupies and the boys often flock over your guy.

3) older/younger dynamic: yours is older is very successful and has a few clubs all over the world. my guy is on the poor side a bit, but yours is always spoiling him and doesn't mind it

4) catfish type line: he doesn't actually know he's talking to the real deal until they finally decide to meet and its actually your guy (celeb or not)

5) they have a couple of clubs/bars/restaraunts together almost like a brian/justin from queer as folk but with more substance

6) a punk pop boy band from the past (think good charlotte, simple plan, mest, new found glory, fall out boy, all time low, pierce the veil, black veil brides, new years day, palaye royale, from first to last, etc)

7) setting like gossip girl chuck/nate i would love but carter/nate or carter/chuck would be interesting as well

8) criss angel against another guy they have a toxic relationship

9) brian kinney/justin taylor line

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